international monetary system

  • the Search for Symmetry in the International Monetary System ( presentation at the Central bank of Iceland Annual Conference – September 2017)

  • The Renmibi internationalization and Central Banks
    (remarks at the China 40 – Brookings – Euro 50 Conference on “China’s Financial Stability and Monetary Policy”- Beijing, August , 2015)
  • Thoughts on the international monetary system presented at the G20 workshop co organized but the Bank of England and the Reserve Bank of India  in Mumbai (2010)

  • Global financial volatility and its consequences for small  open economies. Presentation  at the South Africa Reserve Bank Annual Research Conference  (December 2012)

  • Harmony and interdependence in the G20 ( remarks at the Boao Forum – April 2010)

speeches as Deputy Governor of the Banque de France

  •  Capital flows management

    Global liquidity and global imbalances

    International financial spillovers